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Yoga Shakti DVDYoga Shakti DVDYoga Shakti offers four hour-long vinyasa sequences: Foundation, for a well-rounded practice of the basics; Solar Flows I and II, to build heat in the body and build strength; and Lunar Flow, a slower-paced routine appropriate for the end of the day. In an innovative twist, the DVD also allows viewers to choose components of each practice to build a personalized routine (combinations and sequencing suggestions are offered).
Yoga SolYoga SolNothing brings the practice of yoga alive like the music compilations of Shiva Rea. On Yoga Sol, the internationally renowned yogini presents an album that returns to her southern California roots.
Yoga Strength, Grace, Healing DVDYoga Strength, Grace, Healing DVDThis two disc set is the first in a series that features the inspired yoga of Max Strom. This DVD set presents an introduction to yoga that is easily accessible to the beginner-to-intermediate practitioner. It is easy to follow, yet also challenging.
Yoga To The Rescue DVDYoga To The Rescue DVDAnusara Yoga teacher Desirée Rumbaugh has shown thousands of students around the world the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Absolute beginners and continuing yoga students alike will benefit from these simple yet effective exercises. She addresses neck pain, tight shoulders, wrist strength, back pain, core strength, aching feet, and more. Literally, you’ll get relief from your head to your toes, with stretching, strengthening, and massaging that will leave you feeling refreshed and restored. Desiré
Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain DVDYoga to the Rescue for Back Pain DVDStarting with a simple standing pose, Anusara yoga teacher Desiree Rumbaugh shows you how to heal yourself.  On Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain DVD she leads you through a series of therapeutic yoga exercises to improve your posture, ease pressure, relieve tightness and make you more supple and strong.
Yoga Wave 2 CDYoga Wave 2 CDYoga Wave  2 CD set by Shiva Rea focuses on the individual needs of students with complete sequences for graduating levels of practice, bringing the advantage of one-on-one instruction into your home.
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