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21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey 5 CD Set

21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey 5 CD Set

21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey 5 CD Set
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Deva Premal & Miten's 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey offers the power of daily mantra practice:

The 5-CD set includes:
  • 21 daily antra meditations (plus one bonus meditation);
  • Guided meditations by Deva and Miten that explore each mantra's meaning and energetic properties;
A reference booklet with all the mantras and translations, plus the Inner tunings and evocative images for each day.

The mantras revitalize on both a physical and cellular level.  As we chant, the throat (5th chakra) naturally opens and our breathing relaxes, activating a healing wave of life energy.  As your mantra practice deepens and strengthens, you move beyond your usual boundaries, losing your sense of separation, and opening to self acceptance , compassion towards yourself and others, and a deeper connection to your life's purpose.  

Thsese 15 minute sessions offer a beautiful way to begin or deepen an exploration into the healing power of a daily mantra meditation practice.

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