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What I See,  I Can Be Book/CD

What I See, I Can Be Book/CD

What I See,  I Can Be Book/CD
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This hard cover, 32 page, full colour picture book comes with a 30 minute CD. The children in the book demonstrate the yoga positions as they explore their natural environment. The book is 8.5” x 8.5”, is appropriate for ages 2-9, and is printed on Printed on Environmentally Friendly FSC Certified Paper. The yoga flow on the CD is 20 minutes in length and is accompanied by soothing music. The CD can be used separately or as a follow along book to encourage young readers. Each yoga posture has a different track allowing you to skip to those postures that you choose. After the story is completed, music continues to play for 10 minutes, which is perfect for calm transitioning into other activities.
Parents and teachers can easily do this in classrooms, gyms, outdoors and in homes. Yoga improves children’s flexibility, coordination, concentration skills, and increases their Daily Physical Activity (DPA), making them healthier.

Keep Your Children Healthy & Active

What Teachers are saying …

“An easy and innovative way for educators to provide children with a unique exercise experience.” - Ruth Augustine, Learning Resource Teacher, District School Board of Niagara

"This is an irreplaceable Daily Physical Activity (DPA) resource that every Primary/Junior Teacher should own.” - Suki McVeety, DPA Coordinator, Grade 4/5 Teacher Peel School Board and Parent of a 5 and 9 year old.

“A great resource for Primary/Junior Teachers interested in using yoga with their students. Even teachers inexperienced in the arts of yoga can use this book and CD effectively.” - Kathryn Turnbull, ESL Teacher, Ottawa Carleton District School Board.
"With clear instructions and easy-to-follow poses, plus a companion CD with a mellow soundtrack, the book is a fun tool for teaching kids mind-body awareness. The book’s evocative instructions just might inspire a childlike mood in your own practice."
- Chrissandra Fox , Yoga Journal Magazine, October 2010 Issue 
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