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zafu on zabuton
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Our zabutons, as well as our other meditation cushions and mats, are Made in America. Kapok was used in Japan for centuries as a filling for sitting and sleeping mats (a.k.a. futons and zabutons). Kapok is softer and more resilient than cotton batting and more environmentally friendly (grown without herbacides, unlike cotton,the most chemically laden crop). Kapok is hypoallergenic, will not mold and lasts much longer than cotton batting (kapok cushions have been passed down for generations in India). Zabutons can be used as a simple yoga mat or futon when two are placed side by side. Wrap zabutons in a sheet to hold them together and cover the crack between them. Also, three placed side by side make a wider bed. Zabutons are very comfortable and portable. Fabric is 100% cotton lightweight canvas filled with kapok. Hidden opening behind handle allows for addition or removal of stuffing material to adjust to individual thickness/density. We offer zabutons in three sizes. When you are carrying your zafu to a retreat or local sitting group, you want the most efficient size. A zabuton which offers extra knee room will be more of a challenge to carry. However, if that extra knee room is important to you, buy a larger mat. Some meditation halls and temples like our medium zabuton dimensions because it allows more people to meditate in a limited space.
Medium Kapok Zabuton Fits people up to 5'11" tall. Weighs 4 lbs. and measures 25" x 31" x 2".
Large Kapok Zabuton Fits people 5'11" to 6' tall. Weighs 5 lbs. and measures 27" x 34" x 2".
Jumbo Kapok Zabuton Fits people 6'1" tall and over. Weights 7lbs. and measures 30" x 37" x 2".
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