Meditation and Yoga Supplies
Chakra, Reiki & Healing CDs and DVDsExperience the healing energy through Chakra meditation CDs, Reiki chant CDs, Sound healing DVD seminar,  Kundalini Chakra meditation series CDs , Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki CDs from the award winning Reiki Healing Series.
Meditation DVDsGuided meditation DVDs, relaxation DVD sets, Om Yoga & Meditation package, and Deepak Chopra's award winning PBS special Soul of Healing dvd, offer insights and practical demonstrations to enhance meditation, stress relief and healing energy.
Meditation & Relaxation Music CDsTap into the beauty of blissful, inner stillness and harmony through meditation music CDs, relaxation music, Tibetan meditation, and music from the multi-grammy nomintated pianist/composer Peter Kater.
Meditation CushionsMeditation cushions, zafus, zabutons, smile cushions, and crescent cushions, aid natural--or autonomous--sitting (without back support). These cushions lengthen the spine and allow correct alignment, which deepens breathing and increases circulation and flexibility.
Guided Meditation CDsRenowned authors, instructors and doctors enhance relaxation, stress relief, deep breathing and meditation for the beinner and experienced through soothing guided meditation CDs.
Meditation BenchMeditation benches are especially helpful as an alternative to cross-legged sitting when flexibility is limited. Many beginers or those unacccustomed to crossing their legs find the bench more comfortable. This bench can be used for all three positions (Burmese, kneeling and sky positions).
Yoga SuppliesWhether you're a beginner, or experienced practioner, yoga DVDs and CDs designed to present easy to follow, yet challenging yoga practice. Yoga benefits include relaxation, strength, improving posture, healing of the body, emotions and mind. We carry organic yoga mats, straps, and blocks. Our eco friendly yoga props are made completely within the United States.
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